One 25cm intake fan, one 25cm fan on the side panel and an optional 12cm exhaust on the back … who needs watercooling!  The Xclio A380 case is up for review on Big Bruin, and with both of the big fans rated at 150.49CFM and 32.1dB this case is pretty well set up.  Tool-less installation and a fair bit of room to maneuver inside the case give a leg up on the competition, even if it might be a bit on the loud side.
“The Xclio A380 case is an excellent choice for anyone who likes to show off their machine to their buddies while knowing they have a superior case. To my knowledge, this is one of very few cases that has dual 25CM fans, and has to be about the baddest looking of the bunch. On top of that, it keeps your hardware cool and a maintains a fairly low noise level.”

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