Drop by motherboards.org for another look at the newly released 680i LT based motherboard from EVGA.  It is a good implementation of simplicity, offering a solid board with great overclocking potential.  Even for those who don’t want to delve into the intricacies of OCing can get good results, Doc managed 14% with the bundled nTune software.
“There are really no down-side or negative aspects to this EVGA 680LT motherboard, it meets or excels the needs to be the backbone and beginning of any desktop system in today’s demanding PC world. EVGA offers their users excellent customer service and with their lifetime warranty on their motherboards is unbeatable so when you buy EVGA you buy more than just the product. Good Job EVGA, this is a board worthy of our Editors Choice Award for its overall effectiveness and overclocking abilities..”

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