The new motherboard chipset from nVidia, the 680i LT is not really a new chipset.  It is even reported as a 680i SLI, no LT in CPU-Z.  Trimmed off are the second onboard NIC, 2 USB ports, and the BIOS going to 1200MHz for EPP automatically, though it can certainly reach that manually.  However, this trimming did allow them to reduce the price to around $200, significantly lower than the price of a Striker Extreme.  Learn more about the capabilities of this board at The Tech Report.
“The nForce 680i SLI’s only lingering problem has been the cost of the platform—boards based on Nvidia’s reference design typically run about $250, and custom boards from other partners can cost upwards of $300. Today, Nvidia is lowering the cost of entry into the 680i fraternity with the launch of the nForce 680i LT SLI chipset. Like its older brother, the LT arrives on an Nvidia-designed retail motherboard. This time, though, boards are expected to sell for $200 or less.

What has Nvidia cut from the 680i SLI to slide this latest LT design under the $200 mark? How does the board fare as a result? Is this Nvidia’s homage to Lawrence Taylor? Read on to find out.”

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