Some congratulations are in order for our 2 new forum mods, Scruff35 in our BOINC forum and Harryc  os modding in our LINUX forum.  Drop by and cheer them on, and look for their interviews with UncleBob on the front page.  As well, a certain simian member has convinced our Wise admin to make it possible to embed video on the forums.

A member is curious about what it is we do with the PCs we buy with our hard earned money.  Drop by and tell us; are you just a gamer, or do you spend all your free time fixing it, or do you actually do something productive?  On a similar note, another member is writing a paper on hardware and gaming geeks, so head to this thread if you feel like being gently interviewed.

In the General Forum, why not promote your favourite combo anti-spyware/virus/firewall program in this poll.  See if you can convince some people your choice really is the bestEzzo is still keeping up with the newest info on Vista, and he is really finding some gems now that more people are using it. 
Make the Trading Post your last stop, and get in on the great deals available.