Laptop overclocking has never been easy, if you didn’t get one with a desktop CPU in the first place.  From the first step of figuring out how to disassemble the laptop, to getting under the cooling solution to the CPU to swap it with a desktop model to assembling the whole back together can be time consuming and frustrating.  Newer mobile CPUs offer useful features not found in desktop purposed chips, which you will lose when swapping it out for a desktop processor, but at least you can overclock now.

Worry no more, Dell’s XPS M1710 comes with a C2D T7600G, a multiplier unlocked CPU that will let you overclock.  ExtremeTech has the full review.
“Until recently, if you wanted to overclock your laptop, you needed one with a desktop CPU. Those were pretty common in the Pentium 4 days, but we’ve seen fewer of them since the advent of the mobile Core 2 Duo CPUs, originally code-named Merom. A few OEMs expose settings in their BIOS setups that allow you to tweak FSB speeds, but those are pretty rare, and the clock multiplier has remained locked.

Then Dell began shipping their high-end XPS M1710 mobile PC with something they call the “Core 2 Duo T7600G.” The “G” is significant, because if you order one, you get a notebook with a multiplier unlocked CPU and the ability to overclock the XPS M1710 in the BIOS setup.”

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