Abit’s Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI and MSI’s P6N SLI Platinum are both based on the new 650i nVidia chipset, although the implementation is different.  Abit’s board is less expensive, though that comes at the cost of Firewire and eSATA while the MSI gives you those few extras that many people want.  The problem is that MSI’s is also one of the most expensive 650i boards out there, expensive enough that a more powerful chipset can be purchased for nearly the same price.  The Tech Report tests them both thoroughly, check out how these 2 midrange boards perform against the competition.

You can also read Ryan’s review of EVGA’s implementation of the 650i at the top of our front page.
“The latest 650i-based motherboards to hit the market are Abit’s Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI and MSI’s P6N SLI Platinum, and we’ve been abusing both in our labs for the last couple of weeks. Can a textbook MSI offering challenge Abit’s first attempt to adapt the Fatal1ty brand to a mid-range mobo? Read on as we test these boards against half a dozen others to find out.”

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