3dGameMan takes a look at CoolIT Systems RAM Fan.  An aluminium housing clips onto the same notches that the RAM clips attach to, with one 60mm fan rated at 17.74 CFM @ 4200 RPM and 31.6dBA.  While it does help keep the RAM cooler than it would be without the extra airflow, the performance doesn’t blow 3dGameMan away.  As well, the instructions are a bit vague, and if you don’t install it properly, you can damage your RAM, as you can see in the article.
‘CoolIT Systems has really impressed us lately with their water cooling. The RAM Fan definitely does what it claims. It cools your memory modules but only a single degree at idle and seven degrees at load. These few degrees can equate out to another percentage gained, in overclocking, in some situations. CoolIT is on the right track with this accessory, but the unit still needs some finest before it’s ready to be a Kickass solution.’

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