Looking for some more information on the upcoming AMD CableCard-ready TV tuner and systems using them?  Then head over to this quick preview at Gizmodo looking at a system from Niveus

We got a chance to visit the Niveus headquarters last week, and the founders gave us a nice hands-on with their upcoming CableCARD-capable systems. If you’re not familiar with these media centers, they’re essentially Windows Vista machines with an external receiver that handle high-def feeds from your cable provider. Why’s this cool? Because these OEM machines from Niveus (and a few other manufacturers) are the only way you’re going to be able to watch and record HD channels from your cable station on a Vista machine. You can’t make this with off the shelf components.

In short, the Niveus PC can do whatever you normally do on Vista, such as watch downloaded movies, and it can also do what the TiVo Series 3 does.