Gaming Heaven reviews a port from the Xbox360 to the PC, Test Drive Unlimited.   Offering beautiful car models, both interior and exterior as well as a painstakingly detailed recreation of Oahu for you to drive in, this game has a lot going for fans of driving sims.  On the other hand, it offers the worst of the problems with ports from a console, and the bugs take away from the pure enjoyment.  If you love to drive, then check out the review and decide if you want to play it or not.
‘With the next-generation console war in full swing, it sometimes feels as if PC gamers are left behind, especially when it concerns new innovative ideas. Games like Okami or Guitar Hero II just don’t exist on the PC platform and instead, gamers have to settle for the typical FPS, RTS and RPG genres. While this is far from being a bad thing, I do wish that from time to time, developers would bring some those unique console games over. Thankfully, Atari and Eden Games have heard my cry for innovation, given that they’ve ported Test Drive Unlimited over to the PC. And trust me, no need to complain how this is ‘just another car game’, because it’s so much more than that.’

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