During all the AGEIA PhysX build up, one game has constantly been the poster child for advanced physics processing: CellFactor.  We first saw it in May of last year but until now it was always a demo.  Now the full game will be released soon for free download!

The full press release is below and I have included links to our PhysX PPU articles for reference and reading.

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Global Game Development Teams Collaborate to Produce Futuristic First-Person Shooter That Harnesses AGEIA’s PhysX Processor

SAN FRANCISCO, CA April 10, 2007 — Artificial Studios and Immersion Games, independent videogame developers announced today that its self-published title, CellFactor: Revolution will be available for free via digital download to PC gamers on May 8. Timeline Interactive based in Egypt also spent months programming code for the game, contributing to the small and specialized global game development team. CellFactor: Revolution is an action-packed, first-person shooter with true-to-life physics that harnesses AGEIA’s PhysX™ processor to produce hyper-realistic cloth, fluid and debris gameplay effects.

While part of the game is playable without the AGEIA™ PhysX processor, those that the have PhysX accelerator will have access to the complete experience with noticeable gameplay benefits. The game will automatically detect players with a PhysX card, offering them the option to progress through the single-player campaign mode that includes three ‘extreme PhysX’ levels. PhysX users can also challenge humans and AI-enemies in four LAN-based multiplayer modes. Gamers who do not have a PhysX processor will be able to fight artificial-intelligent controlled enemies in the multiplayer ‘skirmish’ modes, in two environments.

‘Dreaming up the original concept, creating the art and collaborating with the other teams has been incredible, but what we’re most eager to do is get this in the hands of gamers come May 8,’ said Julian Castillo, art director, lead designer and Immersion Games co-owner. ‘We think players will have a blast discovering the hundreds of ways they can kill enemies using the environment.’

Jeremy Stieglitz, president of Artificial Studios added, ‘It’s an exciting time to go gold with CellFactor: Revolution — a game which not only shows off some great technology, but introduces fun and original physics action to a crowded first-person shooter genre.’

The extreme PhysX levels were designed to spotlight physics gameplay with a purpose. For example, oil leaking from a barrel may be an indicator of its volatile nature, a spider web twitch can indicate nearby movement, lava can be psionically harnessed to deflect or smother enemies, and particle beams can be used as weapons.

‘The physics in CellFactor: Revolution are unlike anything gamers have seen before,’ said Manju Hegde, CEO of AGEIA Technologies, Inc. ‘The game delivers stunning physics-driven gameplay elements and dramatic effects. The AGEIA PhysX processor dramatically accelerates dynamic motion and interaction in complex environments with real-world, real-time properties for a whole new dimension in gameplay.’

Set in a futuristic, industrial war-torn atmosphere, in the campaign mode players will take each of the three characters — Bishop, Black Ops and Guardian through five complexes: Proving Grounds, Fueling Station, Reactor Processing Core, Weapons System Control and Storage Facility. In each area, players will be presented with a set of objectives before moving on. Each character has varied abilities: Bishop can use her physics-based Psi-powers to manipulate, grab, pull, crush, etc. environmental objects to deliver deadly kills without weapons, Black Ops offers a mix of Psi and weapon powers and is the only character that can operate vehicles and Guardian, the ultimate mechanical soldier, can wield two weapons and strike his victim down with quick assault.

In the LAN modes gamers can manipulate an immense amount of objects simultaneously, control vehicles, masters Psi-powers and fight 7 friends and 16 AI-controlled enemies.