The new mid-range cards from nVIDIA are the 8500GT, 8600GT and the 8600GTS, and Pro-clockers have rounded up one of each from Zotac.  The cards they tested do not appear on PriceGrabber, but other manufacturers have priced the 8500GT at about $100, the 8600GT at $160 and the GTS at about $200.   Read the article to see if these low price cards can compete, or if you are better off investing the extra $60 in an 8800GTS.
“Today we will be taking a look at the release of the 8500GT, 8600GT and the 8600GTS. Zotac was nice enough to send over one of each of the cards for testing. With the DirectX 10 support and the price point of these cards it looks like Nvidia as well as Zotac have a real winner on their hands.”

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