Is your PC is starting to sound a bit like a vacuum cleaner, maybe because summer approaches or that  video card you just bought?  Does the thought of switching to watercooling seems to be a bit much, and there is no way you are underclocking components so that passive cooling will work?  R&B Mods has posted a review of something you may not have thought of, but could really help.  Read on to see if SFM-1000 Case Fan Vibration Absorbers are the solution to your problems, or just a gimmick.
“Looking to complete a silent PC build and eliminate as much noise as possible, yet still retain some cooling ability? Often times, case fans can contribute a significant amount of noise, since they are on the outside and usually secured with larger screws that transmit vibration. Nexus, makers of a wide variety of noise-reducing products, has released a new product, the SFM-1000 Case Fan Vibration Absorbers, which offer a different way to secure the fan that helps eliminate the noise. Can they get the job done? Let’s find out.”

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