The AutumnWave OnAir USB HDTV Creator is a high def TV Tuner that connects via a USB cable, and allows you to watch HD programming on your PC.  It also comes with a nice software suite allowing control over channels, recording times as well as image tweaking.  While HotHardware was reviewing the tuner, they were very impressed by the proper display of the image, but found the software a little less than reliable.
“Today, we’re going to review a TV-Tuner that addresses several areas where options have historically been limited. The OnAir USB HDTV Creator is a USB 2.0 based TV-Tuner solution from AutumnWave that supports analog and digital TV signals and is one of the few model available that can deliver HDTV over a cable connection rather that just OTA sources. As USB based product, the unit is compatible with any PC available, from the smallest laptop to a full-fledged gaming PC or workstation. Matched with an LG tuner and NVIDIA’s PureVideo Silver decoder, the OnAir USB HDTV Creator brings a host of features that look impressive from the outset.”

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