Back in February, Intel revealed the details of it’s experimental 80 core processor.  Ars Technica chats with Thom Sawicki, technology strategist for the Intel Communications Technology Labs about the ongoing work into terascale processors.  Don’t think of a machine built around an 80 core CPU as sitting in the same box as your PC now, with a chipset and RAM.  Much like external clocks, math co-processors and L2 cache, with 80 cores and teraflops of processing power, we will see many new tasks taken over by the CPU.
“The focus of my chat with Sawicki was to look beyond the recent 80-core announcement and specifically beyond the simple fact that someone has put 80 cores on a single chip and called it a “processor.” The idea was to talk about the larger implications of massively multicore processor for system- and network-level architecture.

“Once you jump to terascale, you have to ask and need to ask ‘what are the implications for everything?'” said Sawicki. “The platform of the future when you get to terascale will look different and act different. It won’t be a CPU of 80 cores surrounded by a chipset and some peripheral. You’ll see a much tighter, more integrated organization.””

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