Effective today, you will be seeing some huge price cuts on AMD’s line of desktop processors.  The official online price list was updated this morning with this information:


New Price

Old Price

Realtime Pricing

Athlon FX-74



$540 (single)

Athlon FX-72



$420 (single)

Athlon X2 6000+




Athlon X2 5600+




Athlon X2 5200+




Athlon X2 5000+




Athlon X2 4800+




Athlon X2 4400+




Athlon X2 4000+




Athlon X2 3800+




Athlon X2 3600+




You may also note that there a few processors missing from the list now: the FX-70 and FX-62 processors are apparently end of lifed as are the X2 5400+, X2 4600+ and X2 4200+.  These price cuts are no doubt a prelimary attack on Intel’s own upcoming price cuts later in the month and should put AMD’s price to performance ratios on a much stronger footing with the Core 2 Duo line up than they had previously.  Getting an Athlon X2 6000+ processor for $240 looks like a freaking STEAL when you compare the pricing on the new Intel QX6800 processor launched today for $1200!!

One thing is for sure — the month of April looks to be a great time to be an enthusiast!

We have discussion of these price cuts, and what it means to AMD, in this thread of our forums.  Head over to give your input!