In direct contradiction to Steve Ballmer’s statement that no service pack is forthcoming for Vista, Paul Otellini let slip a target date for the release of an upcoming service pack for Vista.  It is likely that at least some of that update will deal with the soon to be released Longhorn server OS, and Otellini seems to hope it will also make Vista more attractive to corporate customers.
“Speaking on an earnings call with analysts, Otellini stunned the virtually assembled hacks by telling them that, when it came to the impact of Vista on Intel’s bottom line, “In the corporate space, I believe most companies will act like Intel and do some pilots and testing today, but the deployment will actually happen when the service pack gets released in the fourth-quarter timeframe – probably the October, November timeframe.”

Whether Otellini knows when the serice pack is due or he’s guessing. But if anyone outside Voledom has a inkling then, frankly, it’ll be him. He’s mentioned Intel’s decision to hold off on moving to Vista before.”

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