Final Thoughts

It’s not often that a product like the Miller XMT 300 PC power supply crosses our test bench.  When the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance but in hind sight experiences like this can be humbling.   Luckily the fire was quickly put out, no one was hurt, and damage to the power supply test bench was minimal.  I expect to have repairs completed and to be back in business very soon.


The Miller XMT 300 PC power supply performed exactly as advertised and while I would not consider my limited testing conclusive, it produced very good results.  Clean, virtually unlimited power, and high efficiency make this unit very attractive.  And that whole flux capacitor in a temporal distortion field +5VSB thing is very innovative and down right amazing!  But to be realistic, this is some serious overkill.  If you are looking for the biggest, baddest, power supply on the planet, then this is it!  But you better have a truck, a couple of strong friends, and very deep pockets.


As you might expect, the Miller XMT 300 PC power supply is rather expensive (and availability is very limited).  Models in the Miller XMT series start at $3,523.00 USD.


Miller Electric 10,000W Power Supply Review - Cases and Cooling 25



  • Monstrous, single rail +12V output (up to 375A)
  • Excellent build quality and industrial-grade components
  • Can support multiple PCs at the same time
  • #6AWG copper cables for minimal voltage drop
  • Automatic fan speed control for optimal cooling and minimal noise
  • High efficiency operation (up to 87%)
  • Active Power Factor Correction  
  • 1-Phase or 3-Phase line voltage
  • 3-Year Warranty


  • Big, heavy and expensive
  • Overkill for even hardcore PC enthusiasts

I can think of no other product that I’ve reviewed in recent years, that is more deserving of this award.  For outstanding performance and serious overkill, the Miller XMT 300 PC power supply earns the coveted PC Perspective Over-Achiever Award.


Miller Electric 10,000W Power Supply Review - Cases and Cooling 26


Miller XMT 300 PC Power Supply


I hope you found this exclusive review entertaining and informative.  If you have any questions or comments about the review, or would like to see what others have to say about this monster PSU, just click into this thread in our forums to join in the discussion!


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