While information on the 8600 and 8500 cards from NVIDIA has been leaking out for some time, this is the first 8300 images we have seen thus far. 
Nvidia’s upcoming 8600 and 8500 series cards have already revealed themselves a few times so it was only fair that the baby-DirectX 10 low-end 8300 card would eventually step out into the spotlight. The first ultra-low-end card to have its picture taken is the upcoming G86-powered GeForce 8300GT which will start bragging with its very low price around May (2007), about a month after the release of Nvidia’s mainstream offer and around the time AMD releases its R610-powered cards. Unfortunately we don’t have any info on the actual price (although it is expected to be lower than $89/€89) or clocks but if the 8600 trend continues we’ll get acquainted with the 8300GT sooner than we think.