Friday afternoon again, and there is plenty of stuff going on in our forums.  A member has had an unpleasant experience with Sapphire’s RMA process, and has been billed what looks suspiciously like a restocking fee.  There are good tips to be found on troubleshooting laptop problems in our General forum.  One of the common problems we find is a high end machine with a low end PSU, and you just cannot stress the importance of a good PSU enough.

Check out the response to the price cuts from AMD and Intel in the processor forum, if you are designing a PC right now, you may want to rethink the CPU you are going to use.  You can also join in on the discussion about AMD’s @#*%^ plan to block access to the frame buffer.  Over in the TLR, there is a thread on the passing of a great writer, if reading Vonnegut influenced your life drop by and connect with other fans.  There are plenty more good threads to find, so get looking!