OCIA reviews a product that reminds me of the old days when I played Adventure until the cassette tape got eaten.  The BTO Plus Deck 2c is a tape deck for your PC, so that you can get all of the music off of the dozens (or hundreds) of old cassette tapes you have, and convert it to MP3 on your PC.  If you’ve never owned a tape in your life, you can give this a miss, but if you want to save all those old mix tapes then check out the review.
“The Plus Deck 2c has the necessary controls for a tape deck… play, reverse, fast forward, fast reverse, stop and eject. Actually, there are two eject buttons. There is also a headphone jack and mic jack; I guess for someone that wants those up front but doesn’t already have the capability. There is also a volume control similar to that on most optical drives. I should mention that there is not a “record” button. The Plus Deck 2c is a cassette player only; it does not have recording capability. It doesn’t need recording capability, so it doesn’t have it.”

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