Thanks to The Inquirer, we now have the stats on the 8800 Ultra, it’s GPU runs at 612MHz, the 128 scalar units runs at 1.5GHz and the memory is 2.16GHz.  That also puts the theoretical memory bandwidth below the upcoming Radeon HD 2900XT; the Radeon will be 105.60GB/s to the Ultra’s 103.68GB/s.  Looks like you are better off with a volt mod.

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“Yes, you have read this correctly – in order to create an 8800Ultra, you would have to search the search engines of today for schematics of 8800GTX and raise the voltage of the memory by two 0.05V notches, and the clock of 2.13GHz should be achieveable by almost every 8800GTX board out there. ”

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