OCIA gets busy with RevolTec’s lineup of mice, keyboards and pads.  They try out the FightBoard Advanced Keyboard, the FightMouse Advanced gaming mouse and 3 pads; the Gamepad Precision Basic, Gamepad Precision Advanced and Gamepad Precision Pro.  The mouse and keyboard are very customizable, especially the keyboard.  Head on over and check it out.
“One of the coolest features of this keyboard are the included “gaming keys”. These extra keys can be swapped out with the standard letter keys. The included tool is very easy to use. Just slide it down over the existing key, then lift up. The key pops right out, allowing you to put the alternate key in its place. I was very impressed with how well the tool worked. It takes only a few seconds to swap out each key. This would also be very useful when cleaning the keyboard, as you can remove the majority of the keys without risk of breaking them.”

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