The Thermaltake ToughPower 1200W is one impressive PSU.  With four 12V rails, and a combined output of 100A, [H]ard|OCP thought it sounded to good to be true until they loaded the PCI-E with a full 1200W and 100A and the PSU pulled it off easily.  If you are looking for that kind of power, then read on.

If that’s too much power for you, check out Lee’s review of OCZ’s ProXStream 1000W.
“Having a PSU that is rated at 1200 watts is a big deal. Having a PSU that will give you 1200 watts under stressful conditions is quite another. We put the Toughpower 1200w into the oven and see if it stands up to its 1200 watt power claims. Don’t miss this one.”

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