The Fatal1ty brand has expanded into cases, with the release of the Zalman Fatal1ty Champ1onship Series FC-ZE1 Chassis.  Now you can build an entire PC, barring the processor, out of Fatal1ty branded parts and peripherals, although you will probably still lose to him in a CS:S match.  There are some things about the case that disappointed Hi-Tech reviews, but overall they were very impressed.  The ingenious HDD cage and the 5mm (1/5″) thick aluminium that the case was made of were their top 2 picks.
“To say that the Fatal1ty Cham1onship Series Chassis is made of aluminum is somewhat like saying the sky has a star or two. Decked out with panels that measure 4 to 5 mm in thickness, you can see why this case was has been approved by the “King of Gaming.” Johnathan Wendel has gone on to become the most recognized faces in computer gaming simply because he has won the most publicized contests to date.”

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