For those of you who like a little challenge and want their PC to be secure, IPCop is a great program. Read about it, and other similar programs in our Network security forum.  In the ASUS forum, we have a new member that has finally been able to get RAID working properly on an A8R32-MVP, and you can benefit from his experiences too.  In the same forum, you can get some tips on getting an obstinate M2N-E to accept your demands to have a working CD ROM.  If you are more of a Core 2 Duo type, this thread on problems with a GA-965P-S3 and it’s POST process may be of interest.

There is a poll on the time people usually spend running Stability Testers (like MemTest86 or SuperPi), head over and participate, and find out where you are in relation to other testers.  One of our newer members has finished setting up an entire watercooling system (well, it looks more like UV reactive green stuff than water), take a look at the pictures.  Maybe it will inspire you to take the plunge yourself

In the Video forum, some members are reacting to early benchmarks done on the soon to be released HD 2900XTX from AMD/ATI, bring to mind some of the old ATI vs. nVIDIA threads.  If you haven’t dropped by JimZ’s Rolleyes news of the day in a while … what exactly have you been busy doing

Finally, PC Perspective has hit Flikr!  Either read through the thread, or head straight here to join up.  If you don’t have digital camera yet, that same thread will get you on the right track, and any questions you might have (about cameras) will be answered.  Have a great Friday!