3dGameMan has posted a review of Mushkin’s new 4GB kit of PC2-6400 memory with timings of 5-4-4-12.  These kits aren’t just for gaming, although you will benefit from it, it also helps you to run Vista with better response.  If you are an overclocker, there is something even nicer about these DIMMs, they bumped the voltage to 2.2, kept the timings the same and managed to hit 1068MHz.
‘Are you in the market for 4GBs of fast, stable, overclockable memory but you don’t want to break the bank? Well, the Mushkin PC2-6400 (HP2-6400) 4GB Memory Kit is it! Being able to overclock this memory from its default speed of 800MHz to 1068MHz is incredible. Especially considering this overclock was using the fairly tight timing of 5-4-4-12. To be honest, this memory was a dream to overclock…’

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