DX10 is new and will add a lot to your gaming experience … eventually.  You won’t be seeing games using right away, so if you are in the market for a cheap card the 8600 series may not be the way to go.  Legion Hardware proves that a 7900 GS can be turned into a better card that the 8600 with a bit of overclocking.  Read on to see just how much better in their full review.
“Without any physical modifications to the card our 7900 GS can easily achieve a 38% core overclock along with a 22% memory frequency boost. The 8600 GTS on the other had managed to bump up the core frequency by just 8% with a 17% memory overclock. Given that the 8600 GTS was already slower in most of the games tested, overclocking both these graphics cards just gave the 7900 GS a greater advantage. Games such as Prey saw the standard 7900 GS defeat the 8600 GTS by a decent margin. However once overclocked the 7900 GS walked all over the 8600 GTS!”

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