HotHardware caught a glimpse of Intel’s 8 core processor, the motherboard that it will sit on, and a few benchmarks as well.  Luckily they brought a camera so they can share.  Except for memory bandwidth, this new multicore CPU cleans up with Sandra benchmarks.  It obciously has a lot of power behind it, it can do a Cinebench rendering pass in 2/3’s of the time it takes a C2E QX6800.  Make sure to peek at the Task Manager shot as well, not to often there are 8 windows in the CPU Usage monitor.
“Back in January at this year’s CES show, Intel was giving the press glimpses of a rig in their booth dubbed the V8. It is essentially a dual-socket workstation platform outfitted with a pair of quad-core Xeon processors for a total of eight cores – hence the “V8″. The enterprise platform that this box was built around is based on Intel’s 5000X chipset, aka Blackford, and it supports up to 32GB of FBDIMM serial memory. HotHardware has a component build-up of a more current Intel V8 machine here, with preliminary benchmarks, pictures and more details on this 8-core dual Xeon powerhouse.”

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