Revoltec has jumped into the gaming mouse bandwagon with the Fightmouse.  With up to 2400dpi resolution and 5 buttons it has all the feature that gamers are now used to.  It also has a nice added bonus, 3 weights that can be added to the mouse to adjust it exactly to your preference, 10, 15 and 20g.  The back of the mouse also looks more rounded than most, which may be good news to many.
“At first I wasn’t satisfied with the software Revoltec provided, I had to adjust the scroll speed every once in a while but Revoltec updated their software with V1.11 and the problem is gone. With the software you can easily adjust the dpi setting from the presets for each mode to your likings, and define what functions the two side buttons have. The mouse feels great to the hand, the sensitivity is adjustable and the overall looks are great. It’s a shame it only has two buttons and that you can only use one weight instead of all three of them. But a part from that, it’s a really great mouse for a reasonable price in the same category as Razer mices.”

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