NordicHardware, being who they are, couldn’t resist a little fun with a 2900XT and some LN.  They have a screenshot of the core @ 1211MHz, and the memory @ 999MHz running a calculated 777 GFlops.  That was the best they managed because the card got too hot!  That’s right, not even LN cooling can push this card to it’s maximum frequency.  It will be interesting to see more OCing results with more traditional cooling methods, this card has a lot of overhead for those who can cool it.
“The fact that R600 undoubtedly at extreme conditions is too hot even for liquid nitrogen clearly shows why AMD chose to postpone the more extreme version of the Radeon HD 2900 series. The chip itself is very power hungry, but the power leaks in the 80nm processor are undoubtedly the reason for these extreme power consumptions and the even more extreme heat dissipation. This in itself is no good news for AMD, but we could look at it from the bright side as well.”

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