The Sunbeam UFO ACUF-T Acrylic case is much cheaper than most acrylic cases, coming in at under $100.  It’s shape is a little odd, at 11.8″ x 11.61″ x 14.96″, and that is assuming you assembled it correctly as it comes in about the same shape as IKEA furniture … that is to say unassembled.  When you realize that the 8800 series of cards is 10.5″, the case just doesn’t have the room to fit one in, so this may not be the best enclosure for a high end PC.  Legit Reviews did get to show off their build quality though, you barely even see the case itself.
“Acrylic cases have been around for some time now, but only recently have prices dropped below $100 on several of these cases. The Sunbeam UFO ACUF-T acrylic ATX cube computer case just happens to be one of these sub $100 acrylic cases as the case we are looking at today was snagged from the guys over at CrazyPC for $81.99 plus shipping. The UFO Acrylic Cube Case comes without a power supply, but does include a pair of 120mm blue LED fans to help things stay nice and cool…”

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