With Bearlake’s release date bumped up from May 27th to May 9th, DDR3 is about to become a hot topic.  Of course, DDR2 has had quite a lot of benefit from being on the market, with very tight timings now becoming common, and that may make DDR3 systems slow in comparison.  The Inquirer shares a bit more here.
“We have had Geil PC2-8500/9600 MultiSpec kit for almost a year now, and it runs at 800MHz with CAS3, 3-3-9-1T settings on AM2 boards and 3-3-8-2T on 680i boards. 1T on Nforce 680i usually results in non-boot mode.

So, do not expect earth-shattering results with memory that has CAS6, 6-6-24 latencies at 1.06GHz. DDR3 will need to evolve to 1.33 and 1.60 GHz and only then the difference between high-end DDR2 and DDR3 will be visible.”

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