The buzz at Mix’07 is focused on Silverlight, that Microsoft hopes will replace Flash; but there have also been some hints dropped about IE8.  As you might have suspected RSS, CSS, and AJAX support are all high on the list of features.  As well, there will be no interim versions of IE7 … apart from security patches, the next big jump will be straight to IE8.  Ars Technica has more.
“At the Mix’07 conference in Las Vegas—Microsoft’s annual event for web designers and developers—the spotlight has largely been on Microsoft’s Silverlight platform, formerly known as Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere. Silverlight is a set of tools for developing rich, Flash-like web applications. Less talk has focused around the web browser that will provide the primary user interface for all this new technology. On the Internet Explorer blog, Chris Wilson hinted at some of the things that might be coming in IE 8, while declining to give specific details.”

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