With the release of the HD2900XT yesterday’ and the unveiling of the other members of the R600 series, one thing is missing.  No mobile GPUs were announced.  On the flip side, nVIDIA’s 8M series offers DX10 on the laptop, and not just one type either.  There are 5 members of the family; the 8400M G, 8400M GS, 8400M GT, 8600M GS and the 8600M GT, as well as several Quadros integrated GPUs for the workplace.  Read on at AnandTech and see what nVIDIA has to offer.
“One of the fastest-growing sectors in the world of computers is the notebook market, which has been experiencing double-digit annual growth for quite some time. If the current trend continues, notebook sales will eclipse desktop sales within the next five to ten years. That’s not too surprising, considering personal computers have ingrained themselves into just about every part of our society, and being able to easily transport them serves to further their quest for world domination. All we need now is for greater proliferation of high-speed wireless networks and it’s only a matter of time before SkyNet begins wiping us off the face of the earth….”

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