GWSystems Fragpedal Classic isn’t exactly like any other foot pedal I’ve seen.  As opposed to it acting like a normal pedal, it has a pair of pads with 2 buttons each.  These buttons can be programmed in a number of ways, up to an including making one a shift pedal, so you can bind 2 operations each to the remaining 3 buttons.  If you find yourself confused, read the full review at OCC and you’ll get a better idea.
“When playing video games, it is very satisfying to be completely immersed in the game. The best way to be immersed in the game is to feel like you’re there shooting the enemy, casting spells, flying a plane, or going almost 200mph in a Ferrari F50. Now think about how much easier, and different, it would be to be able to play the games with your feet as well as your hands. Today, you can get your feet into the game with Good Work System’s Fragpedal Classic and see just how different your gaming feels.”

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