Can’t afford several hundred dollars to invest in protection gear and paintball guns?  Sick of AirSoft and people pretending that you didn’t just hit them several times?  Check out what Techware Labs has discovered, a game called Hard Knocks.  Sort of like Laser Tag in that there are no projectiles, but instead using an infrared light that can go significantly further than the laser can.  The guns look great, and they offer various scenarios reminiscent of CounterStrike and Team Fortress.  Plus there are claymores!
“Hard Knocks in Orlando is introducing Combat Sports, think of it as the bastard child of Airsoft and Laser tag and your getting close. What you have here is the ability to use realistic weapons in real environments where strategy and teamwork are your key to survival and all without the need to purchase expensive equipment, wear face masks, or worry about walking home with bruises. No bunny hoppers here. Read our article to find see why we think this is winning technology, why it works, to get a free hour of playtime.”

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