The Gigabyte N680SLI-DQ6 is one of the most feature rich motherboards on the planet, with a price to match.  It also has one impressive cooling system, even surpassing MSI’s upcoming Circu-Pipe cooling for Bearlake in it’s size, complexity and sheer impressiveness.  The Tech Report has the full review, and you won’t believe the feature list they have to test.
“I was somewhat mystified, then, when Gigabyte’s N680SLI-DQ6 arrived on my doorstep. With a little help from Nvidia’s nForce 680i SLI chipset, this board packs a whopping ten Serial ATA ports and four Gigabit Ethernet options—more SATA and GigE than my last three workstations put together. Add in loads of Firewire ports and onboard audio that boasts Dolby Digital Live and DTS encoding, and the DQ6 easily boasts the most impressive array of onboard peripherals on the market.”

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