Ultrawideband radio could be the most important thing you probably haven’t heard of.  While WiFi and Bluetooth are the current stars of wireless data transmission, doing a much better job that a cell phone can, this may all change.  Right now the companies that are working on UWB claim speeds between 480Mbps to 1Gbps, and the technology is still fairly young. ExtremeTech has a very thorough look at UWB and what it could do to the way we transmit data.
“Ultrawideband radio or UWB was an obscure concept in the last century, but will become part of everyday life in the current century. Just as the automobile and electricity were important innovative forces in the early part of the 20th century, wireless digital communications is the next big thing.

We’ll examine this phenomenon from both a historical and technical perspective. UWB is a technology based on physics and requires some mathematics and computer science to understand, but technology can be considered in a broader context.”

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