If you have never used HijackThis, it may seem to be a bit scary, especially with the warnings the program gives you about the damage you can do when removing processes.  In the Network and Security forum we have a few old hands around that are glad to give you a helping hand in getting rid of those nagging trojans.  In order to get to that position, it does help to have a PC that will boot for you.  The new Gigabye 965p DQ6 is giving one member a real problem, they can’t even get Memtest to run with a pair of G.Skill’s F2-6400PHU2 DIMMs.  Head to the Intel Gigabyte forum for great troubleshooting tips on that scary experience when you can’t even get your new PC to POST.

Over in the Video forum, there is a thread pointing out the difference between the nice glossy LCD screens you see on laptops versus the matte displays more common on the desktop LCDs.  Do you have a favourite shiny, LCD monitor?  Head to the audio forum where there is an active thread discussing the best way to store, manage and play audio collections.  If you’ve a favourite codec or program to keep track of your playlists, drop by and give your input.

If you are just getting into Linux then check out our forum, Beryl has some interesting 3D and cubist effects you might want to try out.  If you are looking for something on the lighter side, then our Off Topic Forum has a few threads that will bring a smile to your face, or sink your teeth into something more substantial in The Lightning Round

All I’m saying is give our forums a try, or visit one you don’t tend to frequent, you just might like it!