Hynix is leading the way; along with IMEC and 4 other CMOS producing companies in the never ending quest to shrink the manufacturing process.  This incarnation will be 32nm, although it may take some time before we see that process in memory chips, let alone CPUs. We are right on the technological edge of how tightly focused the UV beam can be when using it to etch memory, even using EUV lithography.  DigiTimes has a bit more, here.
“With this agreement, the top five leading memory suppliers, including Hynix, Elpida Memory, Micron Technology, Qimonda and Samsung Electronics, collaborate within IMEC’s global research platform to scale CMOS to the 32nm node and beyond. The platform also unites world leading logic IDMs and foundries, including Intel, NXP, Panasonic, STMicroelectronics, Infineon Technologies, Texas Instruments (TI) and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).”

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