AnandTech looks at the new Centrino, aka Santa Rosa.  It has been in development for a long time now, and many believed that it would be a huge jump in power savings.  It includes a draft 802.11n WiFi interface which may end up influencing the IEEE’s decision as to the final implementation of the new wireless standard.  Read on to find out what they thought of the new chipset, and don’t forget Ryan’s look at it either.
“The road to Santa Rosa has been a ridiculously successful one for Intel. The first Centrino platform was introduced in March of 2003 under the codename Carmel. The Carmel platform featured the very first Centrino CPU, codenamed Banias. Adding the first mobile Centrino chipset and an Intel 802.11b wireless solution completed the Centrino package. The first Centrino was honestly a success mainly because of its CPU; it was much better from a power efficiency standpoint than anything else in Intel’s arsenal and competed favorable with the best AMD offered in notebooks at the time.”

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