OK, by now you know the drill:
Hi there. Let me take a minute to introduce myself. I’m Uncle Bob, a Mod here at PC Perspective. We will be running a series of articles within the forum that will be called Mod Interviews. I ask revealing, embarrassing, stupid, probing questions of Mods and hopefully you get to laugh with us at ourselves and in the process get to know some of us better. Beware, not all the Mods are as forthcoming as you may like, I do my best to uncover the truth, but haven’t always hit the mark!

It’s a drizzly Northwest Washington morning morning and I have a few minutes to post. Here’s hoping you are all enjoying the weekend in whatever comes along your way.

AMDAthlonguy is one of the young guns who Mod here at PCP. He is always willing to pitch in and do whatever is needed. He’s one of the guys who will be around long after the other ‘old farts’ or I are so old we can’t remember where the computer is! It’s with great pleasure I introduce to you number 21 in the series: AMDAthlonguy.

1. I realize many of the mods here are in a witness protection program of some sort, but can you give us your real name?

hmm… Stryker should do.

2. Why did you join PCPer/AMDMB?

I was quite bored at summer school, so I took some of my lunch hour to read up and learn about computers at this friendly website.

3. Which forums do you mod?

Processor Discussion

4. Why do you keep coming back?

Friendly Atmosphere, a haven where rules are enforced, and people are people, not hate addicts over the internet as they sometimes are.

5. What was your first experience with a computer?

Must have been an Apple II.

6. Do you prefer to be called a “geek” or a “nerd”?

I prefer to be called a Computer Enthusiast

7. What exactly do you do here at PC Perspective?

I try to inform users about every CPU AMD has, and what the Ordering Part Numbers mean.

8. What do you like most about your “job”? I realize it’s actually a rudimentary form of slavery or servitude, but you are still here…can you explain this to our readers?

I like to help others if they need help with the posts, for example fixing a url that you could not click on.

9. OK, we all know this is coming…What do you like least about your job?

Hard to say, not much I don’t like.

10. How long have you been active in PC Perspective?

Going on Five years now.

11. Where are you most active here? What is it you suppose that draws you to that particular area?

Processor Discussion, the incredible technology that makes CPU’s run.

12. What interests do you have outside of PC Perspective. Don’t be shy, if you don’t have a life outside of here, many readers would like to know!

Fishing & Yacht Designing

13. OK, it’s hardware time! Let’s start with your most, or current favorite piece of hardware. Tell us about it.

It’s Got to be my Uniwill 258KA0 Mobile Athlon64 Laptop. It’s got a blue metallic finish, a Creative Audigy2 ZS Notebook Edition(PCMCIA Slot), 2x 512MB Corsair XMS SODIMM’s(YES XMS Sodimm’s). A 7200RPM Hitachi Hard Drive with only the need of 60GB, soon to be upgraded to a SanDisk SSD drive. Although the GPU is only a Radeon Mobility 9700, it still plays most modern games fine. Last of all, it has a 62W Mobile Athlon64 3400+ with 1MB L2 Cache.

14. Software? Hey, if you are a closet Linux user, now’s the time to come out. (If you are a closet Microsoft user, don’t be afraid, we can keep a secret!)

Fedora is fun to mess with, but for the most part the world demands windows.

15. OK, let’s get real personal. Witness Protection Program be damned…Can you tell us something about yourself you’d like us to know?

I love fishing!

16. What can you tell us about your job? Hey, if you do something illegal, now is a good enough time as any to make a clean start!

Technical Consultant.

17. Where do you live? (Be fearless, your secret is safe with us..)

San Antonio, Texas

18. What can you tell us about your family??

They like my cooking!

19. Here’s a delicate one…How old are you and where did you grow up?

I’m almost 21 and grew up in Kodiak, Alaska which some of the footage from the movie “The Guardian” is from.

20. Well, we are getting to the end of it, it’ll all be over soon, I promise. What would you like to say to our forum members, go ahead anything. Get it off your chest. We have all day here….

Go fishing! and No, Tuna does not have mercury.