Home networking has certain grown in the past few years, both in popularity and in complexity.  This thread over in the Networking & Associated Security forum gives you a good tip on how to arrange a network so that you can easily keep track of what is connected, and how it is protected as will as helping you understand how a popular security program, IPCop, works.  You can also get some great tips on troubleshooting a problematic wireless connection

If you are looking at a new AM2 board, you can get good general tips, as well as specific ones on MSI’s K9N Diamond.  On the Intel side of things, the leaked price cuts are generating a lot of anticipation.  Or head to the OCing forum for an idea on how to get the most out of your P5W-DH Deluxe.  Cooling has become an even bigger issue lately, so check this thread out if you have upgraded your heatsink, but aren’t seeing any drop in your temperatures.

Election fever is starting in The Lighting Round, don’t miss out on the fun
, unless you are more into getting a good deal on the trading forum.

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