Differential Temperature, Noise and Weight

Differential Temperature and Noise Levels


The differential temperature across the Koolance power supply radiator was calculated by subtracting the ambient room air temperature (T in) from the temperature of the warm exhaust air flowing out the back of the power supply’s radiator (T out). 


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Thermocouples were placed in front of and behind the radiator. The ambient room air temperature was 24ºC (75ºF) +/- 0.5ºC during testing.


T out = temperature of air exhausting from power supply radiator

T in = temperature of air entering power supply radiator

ΔT = T out – T in


Sound pressure level readings were taken 3’ away from the rear of the power supply in an otherwise quiet room.  The ambient noise level was 29 dBA. 


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The Koolance 1,200W liquid cooled power supply was very quiet at low to medium power levels and never became what I would consider noisy even at maximum output.  This is one of the potential advantages of a liquid cooling system and the Koolance LCS delivers. 


Note: I am not able to take SPL readings at the higher loads due to all the programmable DC load cooling fans running.


Physical Size and Weight


The Koolance 1,200W power supply unit measures: 152 x 81 x 210mm (6.0” x 3.2” x 8.3” W x H x D).  In addition to being quite deep (over 8”) the Koolance power supply is slightly wider than most by a little over 2mm.  This will prevent mounting this power supply in some cases so check before you buy.  (It wouldn’t fit into my Lian Li PC-60 test enclosure.)


And last but not least, a basic measure of any ATX power supply is the unit’s overall physical weight.  This may seem rather simplistic but it generally holds that more industrial grade components and larger heatsinks equal a better PSU.  The following graph illustrates how the Koolance 1,200W liquid cooled PSU compares to some other popular power supplies on the market.


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Note: The integrated liquid cooling system adds a lot of weight to this system so we really aren’t comparing apples-to-apples here.


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