We are trying a little experiment here at PC Perspective … Ryan, Lee and I have put together our first podcast, and we would love to hear what you think.  We cover a bit of the Tech happenings from this past week, and a bit from PC Perspective, like Wise’s interview.  Keep your ears open, this is the first in a series, and we hope to include highlights from the forums as well so you may even find yourself a topic of discussion.

Over in the forum, a member is having a problem with an computer that just will not turn off.  If that’s familiar, then take some of the advice in the thread to heart.   The next time you change a heatsink, make sure you clean off the CPU with the appropriate solvent, like this member.  The nVIDIA based Crosshair motherboard seems to have a button that people can’t resist pushing, even if it might not be a good idea.  Over in the Processor forum, a few members are wondering why AMD’s quad core CPUs are taking so long.  Watercooling is a big topic in the Cases ‘n Cooling forum, a member is asking for input on which way to go, set up a loop or a parallel system

Before you take off, there is a closet sale on at the Trading Post, so help them clean up a bit.