There is a help wanted sign in the window at 3D Realms, and if you get the job you could become one of the most loved, or one of the most hated game programmers of all time.  If you think you can drop the Forever from Duke Nukem Forever, follow the link from The Inquirer to apply, or just get a peek at a new screenshot.

Also be sure and read Ryan’s editorial on the mudslinging that the release of DX10 has created between ATI and nVIDIA.  In amongst the cries of driver optimization, is the gamer being left behind?
“THE CHAPS AT 3D Realms have caused a minor internet storm by posting a job listing for a programmer to work on its legendary title Duke Nukem Forever.

The job ad was accompanied by what has been confirmed to be a new piece of in-game rendering, namely, of a pig cop baring all. This is the first media of DNF we’ve seen for a long time, and is surely the most interesting thing to hit job listings boards in a while. At least in the last 24 hours or so.”

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