The new Reaper series from OCZ really impressed Overclockers Online.  Running at 1150 @ 5-5-5-18 straight out of the box they are some of the fastest chips, period.  The new cooling solution both adds style to the DIMMs as well as some very good cooling.  Once they got down to testing, they found limitations in tightening the timings, but by keeping the timings at the rated intervals, they could get a nice jump in speed.
“The performance of these Reaper HPCs at 5-5-5 certainly was bright enough to blind me without glasses. I still can’t get over how well they scale above DDR1200 with such small amounts of voltage. Obviously the ability for these crazy high clocks to continue rising just isn’t there. I saw with my P5B-Dlx that it simply couldn’t handle dual-channel memory past DDR1280 although the memory seemed more than willing. It appears as though the tortoise has caught up to the hare and is going to pass him…until the new round of chipsets come out which has already begun.”

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