The ASUS M2A-VM HDMI offers a nice drop in power consumption and a more than adequate onboard graphics card, for those not looking to build the next greatest gaming rig.  For it’s price it offers a nice selection of extras, though don’t expect to be able to place a second graphics card in it, that is not the aim of this board.  HotHardware likes it as a step up from an nForce board in speed and a step down in price.
“With competitive performance and relatively broad video options for a chipset with an IGP, the 690 series shapes up to be a rather versatile chipset, bringing features that suit entry-level workstation, HTPC and desktop users alike. What ASUS has done is incorporate everything the chipset has to offer into a single package, making the M2A-VM HDMI unique at this stage of the game.”

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