With the release of the demo version of Lost Planet:Extreme Conditions, those who have Vista and bought one of nVIDIA’s new generation of cards, or managed to get their hands on a 2900XT, will finally see DX10 for themselves.  It has also resurrected an issue that became huge during the release of 3DMark05, driver optimization.  It seems that nVIDIA has been working very closely with the developers of this console port, to make sure DX10 runs perfectly, and AMD hasn’t had the same opportunity.  [H]ard|OCP has a link to the download site, get the demo and watch DirectX10 in action.
“The new Lost Planet demo, in both DX9 and DX10 flavors is out today. The game has a built in benchmark feature and is being used around the web to showcase the power of NVIDIA’s GeForce 8-series GPUs.”

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