Spare some beer for a bag sir?

Do you own a notebook computer? Looking for a bag that’s unique, durable, and stylish? These bags from Crumpler aren’t boring! Find out why this brand is making heads turn.

There aren’t many companies in the world that can boast of a fanatical customer base. Apple has their Mac-heads who live and breathe every Apple rumor and product announcement. Perhaps AMD-ATI and NVIDIA can make such claims about their customers too. However I think Crumpler has a fan base that rivals these tech companies… and for a company that makes bags, that’s a big accomplishment.

Notebook Bags by Crumpler - A Review - Mobile 25

What am I talking about? Crumpler is an Australian bag manufacturer with a humble beginning making bags for couriers in Melbourne. They started with a small shop making bags on a sewing machine, and now they have stores all over the world including New York, Tokyo, Toronto, and Manila. Their brightly colored bags and their distinct designs are their signature, and their laid-back and whacky behavior has charmed customers who are bored of the standard black shoulder bags. While some other bag manufacturers boast of their sheer number of pockets and compartments, Crumpler is all about durable design, style, and strange antics (just check out their website!).

Notebook Bags by Crumpler - A Review - Mobile 26
Top: The Skiivy (medium)
Left: The Dreadful Embarassment
Right: The Horseman

Today Crumpler makes all sorts of bags for your stuff, including bags for cameras and notebooks, ranging in styles like messenger bags and backpacks. We’re going to take a good look at three notebook bags from Crumpler: The Skivvy, The Dreadful Embarrassment, and The Horseman. As you can see, the names of the bags are very unusual… but that’s what gives Crumpler their personality. It just doesn’t feel like you’re getting another bag, rather it feels like your adopting a new pet into your family.

How We Review Bags

I know that testing a bag is fairly subjective, which is why I strongly recommend you to go out and try these bags on and see if it’s enough for your needs. However, we don’t always have that luxury so it is our hope to provide you with enough detail to make an informed decision.

To ensure that we give the bags a fair chance, we used all three Crumpler bags extensively for two months traveling on the subway, in a car, walking, and shopping. Wherever we went, the bags came along.

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